Cocktail of Life with a Dash of Lime

The URGE to QUIT!!

There are days that absolutely do not go as per the plan…

The child that u sent to school perfectly fine comes back with a high fever and then spends the night in extreme pain,

The presentation that was supposed to be completed and sent, still has some parts missing to it,

The open air Yoga class you had planned, had to be missed coz u didn’t sleep the entire night,

The milk that was put in the night to set to become curd, is still looking at ur face nowhere close to being called curd,

The breakfast that u prepared for urself, is still kept at the table while u rushed to the doctor to get the crying child treated,

The doctor who now makes money out of ur misery and wants to charge an emergency fee coz U requested to take in ur daughter first, instead of waiting to be called in at no 5,

The same doctor then accuses you of how your parenting has all gone wrong and u need to step up the game,

The ill child refuses to eat anything and throws up the last last morsel fed to her along with the medicines,

The maid who was supposed to look after the child while you take care of office work fled away,

The husband who was needed the most at this time for support is away for work and the solo parenting is getting to ur nerves,

U are sleep deprived, hungry and with a never ending TO DO work list……

Oh and ya, the day is only half done…

And that’s when it hits you, the killing URGE to QUIT- quit work, quit being alone, quit running the show alone and sometimes quitting being a MOM.

Does that make you a bad person??

Nope it doesn’t, coz that’s not what you do, you don’t quit, you stand up, brush ur hair, follow that light at the end of the tunnel and shout out loud, BRING IT ONNN!!!


3 thoughts on “The URGE to QUIT!!”

  1. This is so well written. This is exactly what I feel everyday and I could write this piece any day, but it wouldn’t have come out so beautiful as yours. Great going! I just loved every word of it.

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